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It all started in 2021, when our pup, Moon, turned one year old... I took my camera out and started making photos of her. She's a husky so she photographs wonderfully. After a couple minutes of shooting, I looked at the photos and all I could think to myself was, "WOW, PEOPLE WOULD LOVE THIS!" ... A month later, we set up an impromptu photo studio with a 5x7 backdrop, 'pop-up style' if you will, at our local dog park, and PAWTRAIT POP-UP was born.


PAWTRAIT POP-UP is a local pet photography company, specializing in sporadic "pop-up" style events held across Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. We offer a variety of services as well as partner with other small businesses and pet services collaborating on both public pop-ups and private events.



Matt, is the guy behind the lens, and the creative genius making what we do at ALL possible. Matt can usually be found on the ground at pop-ups and events, constantly bending and twisting, working any angle needed to ensure the true essence of your pup is captured exquisitely.  A native of Philadelphia, Matt attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia, earning a BA in Photography and has successfully worked within the photography industry since graduating. Bringing passion and dedication to every photoshoot, Matt vows to make sure your pup has their time to shine and make it a special day for you and your fur baby when you POP-UP for a PAWTRAIT! 

Mary Sweeney

Mary, is the one in front of the camera, who you’ll rarely see in any photos, save for maybe a finger or a hand here and there. She’s a master in pup placement, with a plethora of tricks up her sleeve, to ensure your pooch is perfectly posed. (try saying that 5x fast!)  If you think the PAWTRAITS look good, you have her to thank. Mary has the most fun interacting with all the pups; committed to the craft, she does what needs to be done to make certain we get our shot… even if it means getting dirty and covered in slobber! ..  More importantly, she oversees everything behind the scenes making sure all is accounted for, and determined to send out those PAWTRAITS as fast as humanly possible. She’s the backbone of our business…  Did someone say bone?!



Madasyn, a true dog whisper and photographer all in one, is not only able to bring her skills capturing candid and b-roll content at events but is truly amazing with all pups. Madasyn can typically be found with a dog by her side whether it's while she's working at a local Doggy Day care or dog sitting for one of her numerous clients. She’s a true animal lover and helps bring out the confidence in your fur baby!


Cheese, our SHERIFF




Pawtrait Pop-up is dedicated to helping animals in need and our company is determined to continue supporting local rescues and other small businesses. Currently, we donate a portion of our events’ proceeds to a number of local rescues and are always looking to connect with rescues and shelters in hopes to offer our photography services for any available pets and also open to working together to find more ways to support animals in need.

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